The Best Cargo Van Floors and Interior Liners: Legend Fleet Solutions

Thursday, January 4, 2024
The Best Cargo Van Floors and Interior Liners: Legend Fleet Solutions

In today's fast-paced business landscape, efficient fleet operations are essential for many industries. Legend Fleet Solutions stands at the forefront of optimizing fleet vehicle interiors, enhancing functionality, and ensuring durability. Their floors and interior liners are a great investment for businesses of all sizes looking to maximize their fleet's longevity. Your van is a valuable investment – protect it!

Our available floors and wall liners from Legend can improve safety and help safeguard your van from the wear and tear of everyday use. In this article we'll go over our favorite products from Legend, and how they can help your business.

Legend Van Floors

When upfitting your van, it can be easy to jump into choosing the shelving and accessories you'll be adding, but you should always start with a good base – the floor. If your van came with a factory mat, you may be wondering why you would want to replace it. Simply put, factory floor mats don't last – they're typically made from cheap materials that will rip, tear, and break down.

If you plan to have your van for years to come, Legend's floors are a worthwhile investment in your vehicle's longevity and the safety of your employees. A quality floor should provide a stable and grippy surface to prevent slips and falls in all weather conditions. We install Legend's Rubber Floor Mats, and Rigid Floors to help create a safe working area.

Legend Rubber Floor Mats

Legend Rubber Floor Mats

Legend's Automat-Bar Rubber Floor is the most popular choice for businesses looking to protect their vehicle without going over budget. The 1/4" thick rubber mat is heavy-duty and long-lasting. It's constructed of non-slip rubber and features a checker plate surface for exceptional traction for both you and your cargo.

Their Rubber Floor Mat is a one-piece design no matter the length of your van, which won't buckle and curl as many multi-piece rubber floors do. We recommend the Automat-Bar for those who are looking for added safety but don't need quite the durability of a rigid floor.

  • 1/4" Thick Rubber Mat that is heavy-duty and long-lasting
  • One-piece construction – no matter the length of the vehicle
  • Non-slip rubber with checker plate textured surface
  • Odor-resistant and waterproof
Legend Rigid Floors

Legend Rigid Floors

The StabiliGrip floor is Legend's most popular option among fleets, OEMs, and small businesses. Rather than a plywood floor which can be prone to rot, the StabiliGrip's composite construction is designed to endure all climates and temperatures without buckling or bulging. It's made from 75% recycled material, making it a great eco-friendly option that is extremely lightweight which can improve your vehicle's mileage - especially with electric cargo vans.

The rigid floor gives your van a tidy, professional look that can make a great impression on your customers. And as an added benefit, it not only looks great but is also easy to clean. Overall, the StabiliGrip provides a flat, rigid surface that eliminates the unevenness of factory floors to help prevent trips and slips. Its exceptional durability makes it our top choice for businesses looking to maintain their vehicle's value for years to come.

  • A flat, rigid surface provides a stable base
  • The textured surface stays grippy, even when wet
  • Exceptional durability – help maintain your vehicle's value
  • Eco-friendly – made from 75% recycled materials
  • Moisture and mildew-resistant – won't rot like plywood

Legend Interior Liners

Legend Interior Liners

After you've picked a floor that'll meet your needs, it's time to consider the other surfaces of your interior. Legend's Wall Liners are industry-leading, field-proven, and precision-fit to your vehicle. Shifting cargo, dropped equipment, and daily wear-and-tear can lead to dents and dings in your van. We install Legend's EconoLite and DuraTherm Liners to help protect your van's bare metal and maximize its lifespan.

Legend EconoLite Wall Liners

EconoLite Liners are a great choice for budget-minded businesses who want simple protection. The EconoLite is made from 4mm thick polypropylene, which is lightweight, and far more durable than factor wall liners. They also come as full panels - cut exactly to fit your cargo van. We recommend EconoLite for lower-budget builds that still need extra protection.

  • 4mm thick polypropylene material
  • Lightweight, more durable than factory wall liners
  • Budget-friendly
  • Available for walls and doors
Legend DuraTherm Wall Liners

If you need serious protection, DuraTherm is your best bet. These liners are built for maximum durability, with the added benefits of reducing road noise and creating a thermal barrier for insulating your vehicle.

The DuraTherm liners are constructed with dual polypropylene outer skins laminated to a central fluted plastic core and backed with foam and foil insulation. Just like the EconoLite liners, they come as full panels – precision-cut and pre-drilled for easy mounting. In addition to the walls, DuraTherm is also available as a Ceiling Liner. Legend's DuraTherm is our choice for businesses needing superb interior protection and interior temperature control.

  • Dual polypropylene construction for top-of-the-line protection
  • Thermal barrier for added insulation
  • Reduces road noise
  • Lightweight material
  • Available for walls, doors, and ceiling

Overall, we're big fans of Legend's products. Their commitment to maximizing driver safety and comfort shows in the quality of their floors and liners. They have options available for different budgets and applications - ensuring everyone can enjoy the benefits of added safety.

Get in touch with our team of experts to see what Legend products are available for your van. Give us a call at 860-347-0141.

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