The TruXedo Elevate: A Ladder Rack Compatible with Tonneau Covers

Monday, April 15, 2024
The TruXedo Elevate: A Ladder Rack Compatible with Tonneau Covers

The new Elevate Rack System from RealTruck and TruXedo gives truck owners what they've been looking for – a ladder rack that works with tonneau covers! The Elevate offers a sporty-looking rack system that lets you haul all your favorite gear without sacrificing a cover for your truck's bed.

The Elevate can easily be installed, adjusted, or removed, and its unique telescoping design is adjustable to heights of 18", 23", or 28". Its robust aluminum construction supports a 250 lb. weight capacity – enough for bikes, kayaks, and much more!

Elevate Compatible Tonneau Covers

Bak Industries

  • G2
  • MX4
  • Revolver X2
  • Revolver X4s


  • Xceed


  • One XR
  • Pro XR


  • M-Series XT
  • A-Series XT
  • E-Series XT


  • Lo Pro
  • Pro X15
  • Sentry
  • Sentry CT


  • Ultra Flex
  • Armor Flex


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