Rear Access Ladder Rack
Rear Access Ladder Rack Rear Access Ladder Rack Rear Access Ladder Rack

Rear Access Ladder Racks

Safe, Ergonomic, and Productive Ladder Access

Upgrade your van's ladder storage with an ergonomic, rear-deploying solution for safe ladder access.

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Rear Access Ladder Racks Overview

Rear Access Ladder Racks Installed in CT

Upgrade your fleet vehicle’s ladder storage solution with a rear access ladder rack – the industry’s only ergonomic, rear-deploying solution for safe and productive fleet vehicles. Prime Design's rear deploying design allows the user to safely load and unload ladders from behind the vehicle, shielded from potential road hazards or traffic. The system’s ergonomic features help to protect the operator from muscle stress, strain, and fatigue. Prime Design Rear Access Ladder Racks are available for most full-size vans, and pick-up trucks.


Prime Design Safe Operation
Safe Operation

Stow and deploy ladders from the rear of the vehicle, safely away from potential road hazards

Prime Design Easy to Operate
Easy to Operate

Adjustable, removable handle for user-defined positioning and secure ladder deployment

Prime Design Reduce Injuries
Reduce Injuries

Eliminates slip and fall hazards from climbing on bumper or tire

Prime Design Ergonomic

Integrated hydraulic cylinder for controlled ladder deployment and gas-assisted lift for easy stowing

Prime Design Aluminum Ladder Racks
Aluminum Design

Lightweight aluminum construction with stainless steel fasteners for durability and longevity

Prime Design Adjustable Ladder Racks

Factory assembled for a quick upfit with adjustable ladder support bars to fit your fleet vehicle and ladders

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