DECKED Truck Bed Storage

Sliding Drawer Systems for Every Truck.

The DECKED Drawer System offers a modular and customizable approach to keeping your gear, tools, and equipment in organized.

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DECKED Truck Bed Storage Overview

DECKED Drawer System Installed in CT

DECKED Truck Bed Storage maximizes your truck's bed space by providing sliding Full bed-length drawers and side access pass-throughs. Almost zero wasted space. Exactly 100% increase in the utility of your truck bed. The Full-size standard drawers extend 12" further and Full-size short drawers extend 1" further.

Work Ready Payload

High impact resistant polymer resin co-molded to a steel subframe gives you a true 2000lb payload letting you load 'er up and get 'er done.

Secure and Lockable

Out of sight and out of mind. With your tailgate locked, drawers are inaccessible. Add an optional keyed lockset for complete peace of mind.

100% Weatherproof

From Acts of God to carwashes to anything from falling from the sky, your tools and gear stay safe and dry.

Built To Roam

Keeps dust and other airborne particulate matter out of your drawers using a protective series of closeout panels so your stuff stays clean and cozy.

Product Features
  • 2000 lb. Payload, no compromises - DECKED has the same payload as your truck.
  • 200 lb. Drawer Capacity, Load them up - each drawer can handle 200 lbs. of whatever you carry.
  • 200 lb. Product Weight - Heavy in duty, light in weight. Won't impact your truck's payload capacity.

Made In America

Manufactured in Defiance, Ohio, DECKED has gone to great lengths in R&D, engineering, and manufacturing to make high-quality truck accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Full-size trucks do not require drilling to install a Drawer System. Trucks with 8' beds do require drilling on the cab side of the bed.

The DECKED System is backed by the manufacturer's Limited Lifetime Warranty.

The DECKED Drawer System can support a payload of up to 2000 lbs.

The DECKED System is 100% weatherproof. From carwashes to rain and snow, your tools and gear stay safe and dry. The drawers also keep dust and other airborne particulate matter out using a protective series of closeout panels.

The DECKED Drawer System is 100% made in the USA. They are manufactured in Defiance, Ohio.

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