GPS Fleet Tracking

Optimize your fleet's efficiency and security with GPS fleet tracking solutions.

Manage your business assets and monitor your fleet around the clock with ignition notifications, GPS vehicle tracking, geofences, and turn-by-turn updates. Utilize your smartphone, laptop, smartwatch, or tablet to receive comprehensive notifications regarding your fleet's operations.

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GPS Fleet Tracking Overview

Enhance Your Business with Fleet Monitoring

Ensure Fleet Safety

Ensure the safety of your fleet with security alerts, GPS tracking, and vehicle monitoring. Access these features conveniently through the DroneMobile App and Website!

Promote Safer and Happier Drivers

Promote safe driving habits among your team with driver monitoring and detailed trip reporting. In the event of an incident, quickly provide locations and directions to each member of your fleet.

Optimize Your Business Operations

Choose from flexible monthly and yearly subscriptions that cater to your business's specific needs, whether you have 1 or 100 vehicles.


Fleet Tracking on Your Favorite Devices



Take control of your business from anywhere. Use the DroneMobile app to keep an eye on your fleet 24/7.



Use the DroneMobile website to send batch commands to your fleet, and use the same features found in the app.

Smart Home

Smart Home

Ask for status updates and send commands via your Google Home or Amazon Alexa device.

Asset Tracking

GPS Features Take control of your business assets and keep an eye on your fleet 24/7 with ignition alerts, GPS car tracking, geofences, and turn-by-turn updates. Driver Monitoring Use your smartphone, laptop, smartwatch, or tablet to receive detailed alerts about your fleet’s activity.

Car Security and Control

DroneMobile provides an array of vehicle controls such as remote start/stop, lock/unlock, and custom auxiliary controls like trunk, sliding doors, and windows. Enable advanced security alerts to be notified for car alarm alerts, vehicle tilt, and glass break.

Vehicle Health Monitoring

Stay on top of maintenance to prevent unexpected, costly breakdowns. Set up maintenance reminders, battery voltage, DTC codes, and the fuel levels of each vehicle in your fleet.

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