Delivery Van Folding Shelves
Delivery Van Folding Shelves Folding Van Shelves

Folding Shelves

Delivery Van Folding Shelves

When your cargo varies from day to day, having flexible storage is crucial. Our available Folding Shelves give you a large amount of storage capacity and can be easily configured to your needs.

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Folding Shelves Overview

Delivery Van Folding Shelves Installed in CT

Whether you carry different cargo or what you carry changes frequently, the folding shelf system will accommodate whatever your day might have in store for you.

Gas struts on each shelf conserve your energy when adjusting the shelves up or down to accommodate your cargo. The struts also allow you to lower the shelves with a smoother, soft action to prevent damage to you or the vehicle.

The Folding Shelving systems are available in a wide range of widths to work with most cargo vans.

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