VaisTech SiriusXM
VaisTech SiriusXM VaisTech SiriusXM

VaisTech SiriusXM

SiriusXM add-on for factory OEM radios.

SiriusXM® is a premier satellite radio provider that puts commercial-free stations, A-list personalities, podcasts, and custom playlists at your fingertips. In the past, you needed a high-end, newer model car to get Sirius. Now, thanks to VAIS Technology, there’s an easy way to integrate satellite radio seamlessly into your car’s factory radio.

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VaisTech SiriusXM Overview

The Best Way to Add SiriusXM to Your Factory Radio

Use one of our kits to add satellite radio to your original factory radio:

  • Factory Functionality. Change satellite radio stations with your factory radio controls.
  • True Sound Quality. Our kits preserve the satellite’s audio quality (no FM transmitters)
  • Eliminate clutter. Our system doesn’t have a bunch of wires going everywhere. There are no brackets to add to your dash, and nothing to plug into your cigarette lighter.

Don’t settle for a sub-par satellite radio setup. Get a VAIS Technology adapter kit today!

  • Use Factory Radio and Steering Wheel Controls to change channels
  • Keep Factory Stereo and original looks
  • Get the sound quality you deserve
  • No Dash Clutter

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