Legend Fleet Van Floors
Legend Fleet Van Floors Legend Fleet Van Floors Legend Fleet Van Floors

Van Floors

Custom-fit Rigid, or Rubber Cargo Van Flooring.

We offer commercial vehicle rubber flooring from manufacturers like Legend. These floors eliminate the unevenness of the factory steel floor and create a flat, safe working area. All Legend Fleet Solutions floors are precut to fit each fleet vehicle.

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Van Floors Overview

Van Floors Installed in CT

It's More Than A Floor

The unique flooring system we offer with integrated aluminum mounting tracks provides a flush surface, making it easy to install a variety of shelving, equipment, and accessories.

The custom-fit rigid flooring system is available for every type of service van. Designed to provide added safety and a quieter ride, these impact, and puncture-resistant floors give your van a professional look.

Unique benefits of these flooring products include:

Economical: because the flooring has integrated mounting tracks for the price of a regular floor.

Safer: due to the integrated track, improved load distribution, and noise reduction.

Improved Van Resale Value: durable professional looking and protects the vehicle.

Efficient: 3-panel floor installed quickly by one person and is easy to maintain.

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