Legend Fleet Composite Floors
Legend Fleet Composite Floors

Van Composite Floors

Custom-fit Rigid Floors

Help prevent slips, trips, and falls with our available flooring options. These floors offer improved load distribution as well as better grip.

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Van Composite Floors Overview

Composite Van Floors in CT

The StabiliGrip floor is Legend's most popular option among fleets, OEMs, and small businesses looking for the highest quality floor. Rather than a plywood floor which can be prone to rot, the StabiliGrip's composite construction is designed to endure all climates and temperatures without buckling or bulging. It's a floor that you can depend on all day long, for years to come. Overall it is extremely durable, impact-resilient, moisture-resistant, and rot-proof.

With electric vans, every pound of added weight can impact your vehicle's range. That's why for electric vans, we recommend Legend's Evolve flooring which prioritizes weight savings. This extremely light floor is 53% lighter than StabiliGrip (which weighs about the same as a standard coated plywood floor).

  • A flat, rigid surface provides a stable base.
  • The textured surface stays grippy, even when wet.
  • Exceptional durability – helps maintain your vehicle's value.
  • Eco-friendly – made from 75% recycled materials.
  • Moisture and mildew-resistant – won't rot like plywood.


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